Episode # 41 Vocation

Hello there! Does God have a plan for your life? Vocation is an important topic in the Catholic life, particularly for young Catholics- this week we shared our thoughts on the subject and commented on vocational discernment. Have a listen and find out why you shouldn't join the infamous 'little sisters of perpetual discernment' and... Continue Reading →

Episode #40 Catholic Dating

Hello there! Do you enjoy catholic chat? Long walks on sandy beaches? Podcasts on Catholic dating? Then swipe right on this week's podcast as we respond to a request to talk about how one should approach dating as a Catholic. Our society today can be difficult to navigate as a Catholic and that is true... Continue Reading →

Episode #38 St. Nicolas

Hello there! This week on ICL we talk about the man behind the red suit. St Nicolas is a familiar figure to most of us but he's usually on the side of a Coca Cola truck. Who was he really and what can we learn from his life? Tune in this week to find out!... Continue Reading →

Episode #37 Christ the King

'Do we not read throughout the Scriptures that Christ is the King? He it is that shall come out of Jacob to rule, who has been set by the Father as king over Sion, his holy mount, and shall have the Gentiles for his inheritance, and the utmost parts of the earth for his possession.'... Continue Reading →


ANNOUNCEMENT: Introduction to the Catholic life is back. After an extended break from recording we are back. In this short release we discuss our plans for the future of the podcast and why we are back. Our first full podcast will be released tomorrow Monday December 2nd, we are pleased to be back. We hope... Continue Reading →

Episode #35 Conscience

Hello There! After a brief pause for Laetare Sunday we are back to form your conscience. We decided to look at the important topic of conscience in the Catholic life, what this means to us and how it affects our lives, judgement and actions. Find out how to form your conscience, or as we termed... Continue Reading →

Episode #32 Lent

Hello there! Tune in this week for our second podcast back since the break on the topic of Lent. Despite recording on Ash Wednesday and feeling very penitential, this week we discussed the liturgical season of Lent. We share a little of how we approach the season: what we do, how we use this season... Continue Reading →

Episode #31 Baptism

We are back! Welcome to our first episode of our 'second' series of podcasts. With a hope to be revitalised and looking for new life in our podcasting adventure we decided to look at baptism. The Sacrament that gives each of us new life in Christ. We discussed what baptism is, what it means to... Continue Reading →

Episode #30 Advent

Hello there! As we have entered into the new liturgical year, we decided now would be a good time to to get back to basics and talk about the first liturgical season of the year - The holy season of Advent. We all know how December is spent in secular society, chocolate calendars, Christmas shopping,... Continue Reading →

Episode #29 The Four Last Things

Hello there!   This week, we decided to round up the month of November by talking about the topic of The Four Last Things, and its importance in the Catholic life. As always you can listen to this episode – and all of our previous episodes – on our website and on iTunes! J+C+S+R  

Episode #28 The Holy Souls

Hello there! As many of you will know, the Church dedicates the month of November to praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. So in this week’s episode, we thought it would be appropriate to talk about the Holy Souls, who they are, why we should be praying for them, and why it’s relevant to... Continue Reading →

Episode #27 The Youth Synod

Hello there! This week the ICL team talk about the ongoing Youth Synod taking place in Rome. We share our thoughts on the news that has come out of the Synod so far, and talk about where we believe the strength of the Church lies when engaging with young people - It's authentic presentation of... Continue Reading →

Episode #26 Prayer (2)

Hello there! This week we continue our discussion from last week on the topic of Prayer. As such a large topic it could hardly be relegated to two episodes never mind one, but here we discuss our own thoughts on prayer: looking particularly at intercessory prayer which has such an important place in The Catholic... Continue Reading →

Episode #25 Prayer

Episode 25 - Prayer After a brief hiatus we're back to talk about prayer. Prayer is something foundational to the Catholic life. As always we look to Christ as the perfect example of what this means to us. We discuss what prayer is, how we should pray and other practicalities. Have a listen and pray... Continue Reading →

Episode #24 Cultural Catholicism

Hello there! This week we discussed something many people identify with - cultural Catholicism. Cultural Catholicism is something which has factored in our own eyes xperiences as Catholics, for good or for ill. We discuss what cultural Catholicism looks like where we are in the west of Scotland and how that differs from an authentic... Continue Reading →

Episode #23 Perseverance

Hello there! This week we talk about the virtue of Perseverance, and why it's essential for the living of the Catholic life. With the storms of life raging around us, one must ask the Lord for the grace to persevere and hold fast to the Cross. What is Perseverance? Is it as simple as just... Continue Reading →

Episode #21 Our Lady

Hello there! This week, in response to a few requests from listeners, we decided to turn our discussion to one of the most important people in the Catholic life, the Blessed Virgin Mary. As always, you can listen to this episode - and all of our other episodes - on our website or on iTunes.... Continue Reading →

Episode #20 Abuse

Hello there! After an enjoyable summer break we are back with a new episode of Introduction to the Catholic Life. Getting back to our weekly podcast routine, it became clear that the topic to cover this week was sadly that of abuse within the Church. Over the past few weeks, the faithful have once again... Continue Reading →

Episode #19 Humanae Vitae

Hello there! In this week’s episode the ICL team discuss the Papal Encyclical Humanae Vitae - and its important teaching for the Catholic life - as we draw nearer to the 50th anniversary of its promulgation by Bl. Paul VI. Why is Humanae Vitae such a controversial document? What does it have to say about... Continue Reading →

Episode #18 Catholic Friendship

‘Love your neighbor, Dear reader, with a great, charitable love, but befriend only those with whom you can be mutually supportive in virtue. The higher the virtues that you put into these relationships, the more perfect will your friendship be.’ - St Francis De Sales, ‘Introduction to the Devout Life’. This week, we discuss the... Continue Reading →

Episode #17 The Papacy

Hello there! It's that time of the week again, and we're here with another ICL podcast! This week we speak about the Papacy, and its importance in the Catholic life. As Catholics living in the 21st Century, we know all too well that many of our peers (both secular and Catholic) misunderstand, and are often confused... Continue Reading →

Episode #16 The Sacrament of Confession

Hello there! This week we got four experienced sinners to hold an in-depth discussion on confession. Ruairidh's CV was particularly impressive, with an extensive history in confessing a multitude of sins. Along with the three other most unworthy sinners, the discussion covered the need for confession and some of the main talking points. Listen in and... Continue Reading →

Episode #15 Sin

Hello there! This week on ICL we discuss a topic that is an important one to be aware of in the Catholic Life, even though it may be seldom spoken of: sin. This reality is one we all need to deal with and, as with all other impediments to living the Catholic life, one we... Continue Reading →

Episode #14 Have You Been Saved?

Hello there, Have you been saved? After a short one week break the ICL team are back, and this week we are discussing a particular question of Salvation that is often posed by Evangelicals and other Protestants when they encounter Catholic's. How does a Catholic respond to this question? Are Catholics really all going to hell?... Continue Reading →

Episode #13 The Sacred Liturgy

Hello there! This week the ICL team speak about a central topic in the living of the Catholic Life. Namely, The Sacred Liturgy. While this is a topic that could never be exhausted in a 30-minute podcast, we do our best to offer a Catholic introduction. “The cosmic symbol of the rising sun expresses the universality... Continue Reading →

Episode #12 The Problem of Evil

Episode #12 Hello there! This week the ICL team discuss one of the most emotive arguments against God's existence - the 'problem of evil'. Why does God allow evil to exist? Does the existence of evil disprove the existence of God? These are some of the questions we consider, and as always we offer an introduction... Continue Reading →

Episode #11 What’s the point?

Hello there! In this week’s episode, the ICL team discuss a question that was posed by one of our listeners - what is the point? We thought that this was a great question, so we decided to offer an introduction to the Catholic response. As always, you can listen to this episode – and all... Continue Reading →

Episode #10 Ecumenism

Episode #10. Wow! Double digits. We can't quite believe that we have remained a united front so far and have continued on our journey as the so-called ICL. So much so we thought we should discuss ECUMENISM this week. Here's Blessed John Henry Newman's take on it: 'I incline to say the Creed is the... Continue Reading →

Episode #9 Pro-Life

This week the ICL team offer an introduction to the Catholic position on abortion. Why are Catholics Pro-Life? This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of the implementation of the 1967 abortion act in the United Kingdom, and so we decided this would be a perfect time to talk about why we as Catholics are Pro-Life, and why... Continue Reading →

Episode #8 Silence

Shhhhhhh.......This week's episode is all about silence. Given that Conor has just returned from a five-day silent retreat at a Benedictine Abbey, we decided that this week it would be appropriate to speak about why silence is important in the Catholic life. As always, we hope you enjoy the Podcast! J+C+S+R    

Episode #7 Hell

Hello there! This week we decided to talk about the Catholic understanding of Hell - given that it's been all over the media recently. What do Catholics believe about Hell? Well, the ICL team offer an introduction to the Catholic doctrine of Hell. As always, let us know what you think. Thanks for all of... Continue Reading →

Episode #6 Virtue

Episode #6 is here and this week we talk about Virtue. Virtue is integral to the Catholic life but is often misunderstood in today's culture. Virtue-signallers beware! C+R+S+J

Episode #5 Resurrexit sicut dixit! 

Resurrexit sicut dixit! From all of the ICL team, Happy Easter! This week we discuss the Ressurection and why it's important in the Catholic Life. 'Exult, let them exult, the hosts of heaven, exult, let Angel ministers of God exult, let the trumpet of salvation sound aloud our mighty King's triumph!' J+C+S+R    

Episode #4 Holy Week

Episode 4 is here! In this week's episode, the ICL team talk about the most significant week of the liturgical year in the Catholic Life, Holy Week. From all of us at ICL, we hope you have a blessed and grace-filled Triduum. See you on the other side! J+C+S+R    

Episode #3 The New Evangelisation

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it (John 1:5) Episode #3 of an 'Introduction to the Catholic Life' Is here! In this episode, we talk about the New Evangelisation and how it fits into the Catholic Life.    

Episode #2 The Benedict Generation

Introduction to the Catholic Life Episode #2 - 'The Benedict Generation' Hello there! We are delighted to announce the release of our second podcast. This week, we discuss the idea of 'The Benedict Generation', how Pope Benedict XVI has had a powerful effect on our lives as young Catholics, and how the influence of his... Continue Reading →

ICL on iTunes!

Introduction to the Catholic Life is now available on iTunes! You can now listen, subscribe, rate and review our Podcast on iTunes! Make sure that you subscribe if you enjoyed our first Podcast as we will be releasing a new episode every Sunday. If you haven't listened yet, why not check it out and let... Continue Reading →

Podcast #1 Coming soon

Hello there! We are delighted to announce that our first Podcast will be released this Sunday, the 4th of March. From then on, God willing, we will be releasing a Podcast every week. Until then, keep updated on our social media pages, keep the faith, and keep going with your Lenten penances. J + C... Continue Reading →

Hello There!

Welcome to our site, If you found us you are lost but we know the way. Keep an eye out here over the next week to find out all things Catholic and all things of interest. We hope to lead you on a journey of discovery of the faith, by doing so learning ourselves. This... Continue Reading →

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