Episode #12 The Problem of Evil

Episode #12 Hello there! This week the ICL team discuss one of the most emotive arguments against God's existence - the 'problem of evil'. Why does God allow evil to exist? Does the existence of evil disprove the existence of God? These are some of the questions we consider, and as always we offer an introduction... Continue Reading →

Episode #11 What’s the point?

Hello there! In this week’s episode, the ICL team discuss a question that was posed by one of our listeners - what is the point? We thought that this was a great question, so we decided to offer an introduction to the Catholic response. As always, you can listen to this episode – and all... Continue Reading →

Episode #10 Ecumenism

Episode #10. Wow! Double digits. We can't quite believe that we have remained a united front so far and have continued on our journey as the so-called ICL. So much so we thought we should discuss ECUMENISM this week. Here's Blessed John Henry Newman's take on it: 'I incline to say the Creed is the... Continue Reading →

Episode #9 Pro-Life

This week the ICL team offer an introduction to the Catholic position on abortion. Why are Catholic's Pro-Life? This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of the implementation of the 1967 abortion act in the United Kingdom, and so we decided this would be a perfect time to talk about why we as Catholics are Pro-Life, and why... Continue Reading →

Episode #8 Silence

Shhhhhhh.......This week's episode is all about silence. Given that Conor has just returned from a five-day silent retreat at a Benedictine Abbey, we decided that this week it would be appropriate to speak about why silence is important in the Catholic life. As always, we hope you enjoy the Podcast! J+C+S+R    

Episode #7 Hell

Hello there! This week we decided to talk about the Catholic understanding of Hell - given that it's been all over the media recently. What do Catholics believe about Hell? Well, the ICL team offer an introduction to the Catholic doctrine of Hell. As always, let us know what you think. Thanks for all of... Continue Reading →

Episode #6 Virtue

Episode #6 is here and this week we talk about Virtue. Virtue is integral to the Catholic life but is often misunderstood in today's culture. Virtue-signallers beware! C+R+S+J

Episode #5 Resurrexit sicut dixit! 

Resurrexit sicut dixit! From all of the ICL team, Happy Easter! This week we discuss the Ressurection and why it's important in the Catholic Life. 'Exult, let them exult, the hosts of heaven, exult, let Angel ministers of God exult, let the trumpet of salvation sound aloud our mighty King's triumph!' J+C+S+R    

Episode #4 Holy Week

Episode 4 is here! In this week's episode, the ICL team talk about the most significant week of the liturgical year in the Catholic Life, Holy Week. From all of us at ICL, we hope you have a blessed and grace-filled Triduum. See you on the other side! J+C+S+R    

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