Episode #19 Humanae Vitae

Hello there!

In this week’s episode the ICL team discuss the Papal Encyclical Humanae Vitae – and its important teaching for the Catholic life – as we draw nearer to the 50th anniversary of its promulgation by Bl. Paul VI.

Why is Humanae Vitae such a controversial document? What does it have to say about the Catholic vision of married love? Is NFP just Catholic contraception? We attempt to address each of these questions, and more, in this week’s episode.

If you haven’t already read this short document, we would highly recommend it!

“the exercise of responsible parenthood requires that husband and wife, keeping a right order of priorities, recognize their own duties toward God, themselves, their families and human society. From this it follows that they are not free to act as they choose in the service of transmitting life, as if it were wholly up to them to decide what is the right course to follow. On the contrary, they are bound to ensure that what they do corresponds to the will of God the Creator. The very nature of marriage and its use makes His will clear, while the constant teaching of the Church spells it out.”



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