Episode #37 Christ the King

‘Do we not read throughout the Scriptures that Christ is the King? He it is that shall come out of Jacob to rule, who has been set by the Father as king over Sion, his holy mount, and shall have the Gentiles for his inheritance, and the utmost parts of the earth for his possession.’ = Pope Pius XI, ‘Quas Primas’, 1925.

Hello there!

The ICL team are back in time for the new liturgical year. First up in our new series is our take on the Feast Day of Christ the King. What do we mean when we proclaim Christ as King? How does Christ’s Kingship impact how we should order our own lives, and society at large? We tackle those questions and more in the first of our new releases. We hope you join us for this one and stay with us for what’s to come.

Here’s to the Pint the Mic and the Cross!


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