Episode #1 Why do young people remain Catholic?

Why do young people remain in the Church?

The first podcast of many. The podcast turned out well (we think) but our sound quality will be improved by episode 3 – keep listening. The first person to identify the weird noise in this week’s episode will be sure to get a free mention of congratulations in the upcoming podcasts. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Episode #1 Why do young people remain Catholic?

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  1. Hi, I really enjoyed the podcast, thanks. I believe that there are so many experiences that have helped me to get back to the Church, I could write a book. However, in dark times, drowning my sorrows,regretting so many things that weigh heavy on my heart and constantly feeling huge amounts of guilt and asking for help from God. Suddenly, after so many years of lazy prayers denying God living a life of sin and still asking for God’s help to stop boozing smoking cannabis. I woke up and found all those temptations lifted from me. I knew from that moment my prayers had been answered. Although it still took me about six weeks to get to confession after at least 25 years. I was so afraid to go. I feel so much better for going. It’s a funny old world. Jesus seems to be laying out my path for me. That’s why I’m listening to you guys. Anyway, I was hoping you could advise me on a good book to read that would help me understand more of my Catholic faith. You mentioned At Thomas Aquinas. I’m not sure if that would be too intellectual for me. Anyway I loved the podcast and look forward to the next one. Please keep in touch.


  2. Well done guys! Great to see new initiatives coming from the Catholic youth! Sound is fine – it’s organic surroundings adds to it authenticity!


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