Episode #10 Ecumenism

Episode #10. Wow! Double digits. We can’t quite believe that we have remained a united front so far and have continued on our journey as the so-called ICL. So much so we thought we should discuss ECUMENISM this week. Here’s Blessed John Henry Newman’s take on it:

‘I incline to say the Creed is the faith necessary to salvation, as well as to Church communion, and to maintain that Scripture, according to the Fathers, is the authentic record and document of this faith.’

As always, you can listen to this episode – and all of our previous episodes – on our website and on iTunes.



One thought on “Episode #10 Ecumenism

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  1. ‘The best antidotes to falsehoods are not strategies, but people: people who are not greedy but ready to listen, people who make the effort to engage in sincere dialogue so that the truth can emerge; people who are attracted by goodness and take responsibility for how they use language.’

    I just caught up with last week’s podcast before going to mass this morning during which Archbishop Tartaglia’s message was read for Communication Sunday with this quotation from Pope Francis. Although it was based around’ fake news’ I thought it echoed what was discussed in this episode about dialogue and truth. Really enjoyed this podcast and can definitely take something from it myself.

    P. S. I’m almost certain James’ first part to home ec was sewing hehe.


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