Episode #38 St. Nicolas

Hello there! This week on ICL we talk about the man behind the red suit. St Nicolas is a familiar figure to most of us but he's usually on the side of a Coca Cola truck. Who was he really and what can we learn from his life? Tune in this week to find out!... Continue Reading →

ICL on iTunes!

Introduction to the Catholic Life is now available on iTunes! You can now listen, subscribe, rate and review our Podcast on iTunes! Make sure that you subscribe if you enjoyed our first Podcast as we will be releasing a new episode every Sunday. If you haven't listened yet, why not check it out and let... Continue Reading →

Podcast #1 Coming soon

Hello there! We are delighted to announce that our first Podcast will be released this Sunday, the 4th of March. From then on, God willing, we will be releasing a Podcast every week. Until then, keep updated on our social media pages, keep the faith, and keep going with your Lenten penances. J + C... Continue Reading →

Hello There!

Welcome to our site, If you found us you are lost but we know the way. Keep an eye out here over the next week to find out all things Catholic and all things of interest. We hope to lead you on a journey of discovery of the faith, by doing so learning ourselves. This... Continue Reading →

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