Episode #32 Lent

Hello there! Tune in this week for our second podcast back since the break on the topic of Lent. Despite recording on Ash Wednesday and feeling very penitential, this week we discussed the liturgical season of Lent. We share a little of how we approach the season: what we do, how we use this season... Continue Reading →

Episode #31 Baptism

We are back! Welcome to our first episode of our 'second' series of podcasts. With a hope to be revitalised and looking for new life in our podcasting adventure we decided to look at baptism. The Sacrament that gives each of us new life in Christ. We discussed what baptism is, what it means to... Continue Reading →

Episode #30 Advent

Hello there! As we have entered into the new liturgical year, we decided now would be a good time to to get back to basics and talk about the first liturgical season of the year - The holy season of Advent. We all know how December is spent in secular society, chocolate calendars, Christmas shopping,... Continue Reading →

Episode #29 The Four Last Things

Hello there!   This week, we decided to round up the month of November by talking about the topic of The Four Last Things, and its importance in the Catholic life. As always you can listen to this episode – and all of our previous episodes – on our website and on iTunes! J+C+S+R  

Episode #28 The Holy Souls

Hello there! As many of you will know, the Church dedicates the month of November to praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. So in this week’s episode, we thought it would be appropriate to talk about the Holy Souls, who they are, why we should be praying for them, and why it’s relevant to... Continue Reading →

Episode #27 The Youth Synod

Hello there! This week the ICL team talk about the ongoing Youth Synod taking place in Rome. We share our thoughts on the news that has come out of the Synod so far, and talk about where we believe the strength of the Church lies when engaging with young people - It's authentic presentation of... Continue Reading →

Episode #26 Prayer (2)

Hello there! This week we continue our discussion from last week on the topic of Prayer. As such a large topic it could hardly be relegated to two episodes never mind one, but here we discuss our own thoughts on prayer: looking particularly at intercessory prayer which has such an important place in The Catholic... Continue Reading →

Episode #25 Prayer

Episode 25 - Prayer After a brief hiatus we're back to talk about prayer. Prayer is something foundational to the Catholic life. As always we look to Christ as the perfect example of what this means to us. We discuss what prayer is, how we should pray and other practicalities. Have a listen and pray... Continue Reading →

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